Dino Awards!


To celebrate international museum day we thought we should inspire you with an historic style dinosaur picture. Get creative with your children using different materials to create their very own dinosaur skeleton.

Dinosaur awards- Did you know?

  • The award for dumbest dinosaur goes to Stegosaurus who had a brain the size of a walnut, only 3 centimetres long and weighing 75 grams.
  • The award for the longest dinosaur goes to Seismosaurus, measuring over 40 metres long (this is as long as 5 double-decker buses!).
  • The award for heaviest dinosaur goes to Brachiosaurus weighing just over 80 tonnes. That is almost the size of 17  Elephants! Brachiosaurus is the largest dinosaur skeleton to be mounted in a museum.

match stick dino

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We would love to see your creative historic dinosaur. So please upload your creations with #creationstation to our Facebook or Twitter for your chance to win the monthly goodies.  

Enjoy J


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