Day 4-Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Snowman Skittles

It’s starting to get much colder now isn’t it? Are you stuck for ideas for fun activities you could do with your child? Try this fun festive activity while you are snuggled up warm at home!

This is a great fun activity for all the family, but also a great way to help with your child’s motor skills!

You will need:

  • Plastic cups x 6
  • Sticky dots – or even a marker pen
  • Pair of socks (rolled up) – or a plastic ball would also work – it’s just not as squidgy for indoor play!

Picture 002

Decorate all the cups with snowman faces using the stickers or a marker pen ( you may be just too excited to play that you don’t get to decorate all the cups don’t worry.)

Picture 009

Practice building your cup tower a couple of times and show your child how to balance the cups on top of each other in a pyramid.

Picture 016

If you want, you can count down each time before you throw the ‘ball’ to build up some excitement. Who can knock down the most cups each time. Each time you throw it work your way backwards across the room to see how far they can aim throw!

Picture 010

Picture 014


A fun activity for any child and adults too! You can extend the fun by racing each other to see who can rebuild the tower of cups the quickest each time.


We would love to see photos of your snowman skittles, send your photos to and show us how much of a fun time you had!

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