Join in the celebrations

Sunday will bring many celebrations across Scotland for Burns Night, commemorating the work of Scottish poet Robert Burns!


To join in the celebrations we thought it would be a great idea to make our own set of bagpipes. Here is how we made it. Why not have a go at making one too.

You will need:

  • 2 A4 pieces of red felt
  • 2 A4 pieces of card
  • Double sided tape
  • A felt pen
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon/Crepe paper
  • Something to stuff the bagpipe – we used shredded paper but you can use anything soft that you have around the house.

 Step 1 

Position a piece of card landscape and cut it in three. Roll each piece into a tube and tape together. These will be your pipes. Make one tube slightly narrower at the end as this will be your mouth piece.

From the second piece of card make one larger tube which is more like a telescope, narrow one end and wider at the other end. Tape together. Then finally create one smaller tube. Draw the holes onto your larger pipe. This is where you will place your fingers to play your bagpipe.

bagpipe 1

Step 2

Attach ribbon or crepe paper around one end of each of your pipes with double sided tape. This adds a bit of fancy decoration, though not necessary if you don’t want to include this bit. On the larger tube and your mouth piece make sure to attach the ribbon/crepe paper to the wider end.

bagpipe 4

Step 3

Attach double sided tape to the edge of two pieces of red felt. Be careful not to remove the protective layer until you need to.

 felt edges

Step 4

Attach the largest tube first in the bottom left corner. Peel back the protective layer on the tape and seal around the tube. Then move along the left hand edge and place in your mouth piece near the top.

bagpipe 3

Step 5

Then attach the 3 remaining tubes across the top and seal the felt around each tube.

 how to assemble

Step 6

You will now want to stuff your bagpipe so it looks like it is full of lots of air. We used shredded paper, you could scrunch up newspaper or use anything soft from around your home.  If you have an old toy which is no longer used but squeaks, you could place the squeaker inside the bag so that it makes a noise when your child plays with it.

Step 7

Cut a strip of crepe paper and cut lots of slits into it for a tassle effect on the end of your bag pipe again this decoration could be left out. Stick this to the double sided tape and then seal up your bag pipe along the remaining edge. The felt may not match up exactly so you can either cut off a corner or scrunch it all up behind the tassles.

bagpipe 5

Step 8

You can now add any more decoration to your bagpipes. You may want to decorate the pipes or add a tartan pattern to the felt with ribbon it is up to you. Let your imagination inspire you.

finished bagpipe

Now have a play with your fab new instrument! Can you play while you march?

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