Day #91 The Arty Party

sara le rouxby Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

Last week we had our Creation Station Christmas ‘Arty Parties’!

I had been looking forward to these for ages and to make it extra special Boo was coming too! He doesn’t often get to see Mummy at work as he is at pre-school when I run my weekly classes, so I love it when the holiday’s come around and he gets to come with me to the sessions and create!

Today we were hosting a Christmas version of the birthday parties that we do. ….party bags, party games, music, arty makes, Christmas goodies…2 hours of fabulous crafty fun! 🙂

I didn’t get much time to take photos of Boo making his Christmas goodies with Grams but I’m sure you’ll get the idea…..

Picture 001

Picture 002

Picture 004

Wonderful photo frames, shiny crowns. sparkly key rings, festive decorations and more!

Prep Time: Don’t Ask! Prepping for over 35 children takes FOREVER!

Activity Time: 2 hours!

Day 91 DONE! 9 to go!

Sara x

Fancy a fun, creative birthday party for your child?  Every child gets to take home their creations and we take away all the stress of cleaning up the mess from the activities. There are a range of party packages available just ask your local Creation Station franchise owner.

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