Day #42 Wrinkle Shrinkle

by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at sara le rouxThe Creation Station Penistone and District

Do you remember ‘Shrinkle’ paper? ‘Shrinky Dink’?

I haven’t played with the stuff for decades!

I’d forgotten how fun this mystery material is, so when I spotted some on a recent shopping trip, I decided that it was time Boo and I had some shrinkly, scribbly fun!

What You’ll Need

  • Pack of ‘Shrinkle’ paper – we used the ‘frosted’ paper which I bought from ‘The Range’ – you can also buy it from many craft supply retailers.
  • Permanent markers – we used a pack of ‘Sharpie’ pens
  • Access to a hot oven

Picture 001

When ‘cooked’, shrinkles paper reduces 7 times in size and gets 7 times thicker! We decided to cut 2 sheets of the paper in half so that we were working with 4 pieces of shrinkle paper that were each about A5 in size.

Boo had lots of fun scribbling on the rough side of the paper – he even let me have a doodle too!!

Picture 002

Picture 005

When we were done drawing and colouring I heated the oven to 175 degrees centigrade.  We popped one of the sheets onto a baking tray and placed it into the oven.  A few seconds later the paper began to twist and turn and scrunch up….

Boo got a bit upset!!!

Oh no!!

I think he thought that I was messing up his doodle.  I had to sit and explain that it was special ‘magic’ paper and it was just shrinking!

Oops!  Teach me not to try to totally surprise a pre-schooler….. 🙂

After about 25 seconds the paper had untwisted itself again (phew!) and was lying flat on the baking tray – this means that it’s ready to come out.  I quickly removed the doodle from the tray (with a spatula! it was HOT!) and placed it onto a heat proof surface (watch out for inquisitive little hands on the hot items!), and then pressed a flat-bottomed bowl on top of it for a few seconds to make sure it was completely flat.


Now that Boo could see what was happening he got very excited and squealed each time the paper began to twist up.

Look how small they are now!

Look how small they are now!

These would make perfect fridge magnets!! Now where did I put those old magnets…?? 🙂

Day #42 DONE! 58 to go!!

Sara x

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