Day #40 Canvas Creations – Part 1

by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at sara le rouxThe Creation Station Penistone and District

The thing about painting with young children is that quite often all the lovely bright colours get swirled into a muddy brownish mess.  After quite a bit of practice I have figured out a few ways of avoiding this – it doesn’t work every time but in most instances it can be quite an improvement 🙂

What You’ll Need

  • Paint – we used Brian Clegg Ready Mixed (nice and bright)
  • Canvas – we used a 30 x 25 cm stretched canvas
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint brushes & Sponge Rollers

Picture 003

I used separate dishes for each of our paint colour choices – less chance for a swirly mess! I had chosen pink, turquoise and purple, as today’s activity was eventually going to be Boo’s present to his great-grandmother and these were her favourite colours.

Masking tape is a great way to add interest to a pre-schooler’s canvas – you could use it to tape the initial of their first name, add stripes, shapes etc – whatever you like.  When they are done painting you can peel the tape away to reveal a nice bright outline which could also be collaged.

Picture 002

Boo used his brush to cover the canvas with paint.  I was careful to keep rotating the colours to him so that we didn’t just end up with layers of the same colour but more of a blend of all three.  When he was done the colours did look a bit ‘blobby’ in some areas so I gave him the foam roller to use again.  The roller is great for taking off excess paint and for blending the colours in a lovely subtle way – this can sometimes improve the look of a canvas and make it easier to collage onto – plus Boo always goes crazy with the roller so it’s pretty much a given that every inch of the canvas is covered by the time he is done 🙂

Picture 005

Picture 009

When Boo was finished painting we peeled back the masking tape to reveal a lovely bright white letter ‘E’ all ready to be collaged tomorrow!

To be continued…

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Day #40 DONE!  60 to go!

Sara x

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