Day #38 Spooky Fun…Out And About

sara le rouxby Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

Well I had today’s activity all planned out but things got all turned upside down – in the nicest possible way!

We made a last minute decision to go to our local ‘Rhythm and Rhyme’ session as they were having a special Halloween party.  Boo really does not like singing at all and generally puts his hands over his ears whenever anyone starts up…..but not Izzy….she LOVES LOVES LOVES!! anything musical and as soon as she hears a tune will start wiggling around like one of those dancing sunflowers that we all used to have as kids.  So….since we are going to a ‘Meet The Creepy Crawly’ session tomorrow – Boo will probably squeal the place down in happiness – I managed to convince him that we should also do something nice for Izzy today – plan agreed and off we went!

When we got there we found all sorts of creative things going on!!

Halloween Themed Colouring – you could also download some FREE Halloween colouring sheets from HERE

Picture 003

Picture 002

Pumpkin Play Doh

Picture 014

Picture 013

Decorate Your Own Spooky Biscuit – and hopefully finish it before Boo eats it!

Picture 023

All this creativity and a lovely Halloween themed singing session to boot….with Izzy’s favourites….the instruments!

Picture 018

Wow! A whole morning of creativity!

We were all tuckered out by the time we got home and possibly had ‘make’ overload today!

Time for naps I think!

Day #38 DONE! 62 to go!

Sara x

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