Day #15 King For A Day!

sara le roux


by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

So today I was really looking for an activity that Boo could do without constant supervision from me as I needed to potter around and tidy up the kitchen a bit whilst he was busy at the table.

I love bordette roll! It is so versatile and the creations that can be made from it are amazing.

What You’ll Need


Cut your bordette roll down to the size you need (measure around your child’s head and allow about an inch overlap). I really wanted to avoid any mess today (if possible) so I opted to use double-sided sticky tape to secure the collage materials.  Place a long strip along the middle of the bordette roll and pull the backing strip off before handing it to your little one.



This was such a useful activity for when I needed just ten minutes to sort out dinner and quickly tidy around.  Boo spent AAAGGGGEEEESSSS choosing where things would go and sticking them down.  A couple of times he changed his mind and the beauty of double-sided tape is that he was able to simply pull the item off the bordette roll and move it to where he wanted it.  When he was finally done I pushed his decorations down firmly and joined the ends by overlapping them together and using the double-sided tape to secure it all together.

Kiiiiiiinnnngg Mummy, Kiiiiiinng!


Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Activity Time: 10-15 minutes

Safety Tips: If you are not sitting with your child for this activity be sure to use age appropriate collage materials (nothing too small and edible-looking).   Although I wasn’t sat with Boo, I never left the kitchen which meant I was able to watch him throughout the activity.  He’s moved past the phase where he wants to eat everything so I am a little more relaxed about letting him sit with buttons.

Day #15 DONE! 85 to go!

Sara x

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