Day #13 Incy Wincy!

sara le roux


by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District


We don’t have spiders in our house – Boo has scared them all away! Woe betide the arachnid that dares to venture past our doorstep – they are met by a very excited pre-schooler who insists upon shouting at them from a few centimetres away and tries to examine them through his magnifying glass.

Every time we sit down to do some colouring Boo insists I draw a ‘Spiiiida Mummy!’

What better choice for todays ‘make’ than a spider finger puppet!

What You’ll Need

  • A5/A4 Black Foam Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners – 4 x black and 1 x red
  • 2 x wiggly eyes – self-adhesive ones ideally
  • Marker pen
  • Lid from a coffee jar or something equally as big as this will be the template for your spider body


This activity does need some assistance from an adult but there are lots of opportunities for your little one to get involved so it’s a great shared creative experience.

First we had to make our spider ‘body’ so I asked Boo (and Grams) to push the jar lid down onto the foam sheet so that we had an impression of our ‘body’ to cut out.



The cutting out part is a little fiddly so I stepped in and cut four finger holes along the bottom edge of the foam circle and then two more small holes on either side (left and right) of the body.


Boo enjoyed threading the black pipe cleaners through the smaller holes and these became Incy’s legs.


I cut another two small holes just above the finger holes so that Boo could poke the red pipe cleaner through them making Incy’s mouth – plus no need for glue or sellotape so yay! The ends of the red pipe cleaner were twisted together on the reverse side of the body and the excess was snipped off.


Boo stuck on the big wiggly eyes and we were done!! He then proceeded to run around the house pretending his spider was roaring at everyone…….?


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Safety Tips: Encourage safe scissor use especially if you are letting your little one have a go

Be careful not to leave any sharp edges of the red pipe cleaner sticking out – bend them inwards towards the foam to prevent scratching your little one

Day#13 DONE! 87 to go!

Sara x


(Spider finger puppet tutorial found on


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