Day #8 Fluttery Filters

sara le roux


by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

Don’t you just love it when you can take something very practical and boring and make it into something colourful and pretty?

So I had planned to make some lovely coffee filter flowers with Boo, but when I opened the packet I realised that I had picked up the cone-shaped filters instead of the big flat catering style ones – DOH! After a quick re-think I decided that all was not lost and we would make some fluttery filter butterflies instead…..

What You’ll Need

  • Coffee filters – the cone-shaped ones that don’t open out flat
  • Washable Markers – we used Crayola washable markers in different colours
  • Droppers – I got a bag of 50 for a couple of pounds from eBay but you can also buy them at various chemists
  • Water
  • Lollypop sticks – we used some lovely bright coloured ones (click here)
  • Marker pen – to draw the face on
  • Double-sided sticky tape or sellotape (and scissors)


So Boo has always loved to do colouring, but unfortunately a while ago I bought him an ink stamper set to play with and he now thinks that all felt tips have to be bashed onto the paper to make them work……this is still a work in progress but at least he enjoys it! 🙂

This activity is super simple.  Ask your little one to colour in the coffee filters – we used 4 filters so that we could make 2 butterflies – you could even use 4 filters on one butterfly to make it extra fluttery!  Encourage them to use lots of colours so that when you add the water they will all blend together.



Next the really fun part!  I would definitely recommend putting a small amount of water into a cup or container so that you don’t end up with a big puddle on your table.

I showed Boo how to draw water up into the dropper – I think he thought that this was the actual activity and spent a good few minutes just simply sucking up water and then squirting it out again – he just LOVES water play!

I then showed him how to drop water onto the filter and got an excited ‘Look Mummy, Look!’ when he spotted the colours running together.  This gave me an excellent opportunity to talk to him about colours and we identified all the colours that he’d used.



We put the filters to one side to dry and later that evening I used double-sided sticky tape to attach them to the lolly stick.  Last thing to do is add a smiley face!


Ta Dah!

Not just for your morning caffeine fix eh?

Prep Time – 5 minutes

Activity Time – 10 minutes

Safety Tips – I would recommend using a plastic dropper and not a glass one – just in case it breaks…..

Day #8 DONE! 92 to go!

Sara x


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