Day #6 ‘Puffy Paint’

sara le roux


by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

So I have to admit that I’ve been wanting to try this for ages and just never got around to it!  There are quite a few different recipes for ‘Puffy Paint’ on the internet but I decided that we would try the microwavable one – just because it sounded pretty fun to ‘cook’ our art!

If you’ve never seen puffy paint before imagine what your paintings would look like if you could suddenly fill the colours with air like a balloon! 3D Art!!

What You’ll Need

  • Card – something a little thicker than normal as the ‘paint’ mix is quite wet
  • Paint/Food Colouring – you can use either but we wanted to have a go with both – as many colours as you like!
  • Plain Flour – 1 cup
  • Baking Powder – 3 teaspoons
  • Table Salt – 1 teaspoon
  • Water
  • Bowl and spoon/spatula
  • Re-sealable plastic sandwich bags – you could also use piping bags but I just figured that the clean-up would be quicker if I could just throw them away 🙂
  • Elastic bands – so that I was doubly sure that the top of the bag wasn’t just going to pop open and ooze liquid everywhere!


So I realised that it would probably take me 10 minutes to get the paint mix ready and if I got Boo involved in the mixing, things were going to get a little frazzled so I decided to do the prep by myself.  I mixed the flour, baking powder and salt together and added enough water to make a consistency close to pancake batter.

DSCF3269Next I divided the mix between 4 bags and added a few drops/squirts of each colour into each of the bags before sealing them and tying around the top with an elastic band.  Squidge and squish the mix inside the bag to get the colour all mixed in and you’re ready to go!  If you’re using the disposable bags then just snip one of the corners off the bag – just a tiny bit though otherwise it will go EVERYWHERE!


Hand over the bags and some card to your ‘Little Explorer’!


It was like Boo was icing a cake! Look at the pretty colour mixing!


When you think that you have enough on each piece of card you simply pop it into the microwave for about 25 seconds – microwaves do vary hugely though so I did 5 second intervals until I could see that the ‘paint’ was no longer wet…

Ta Dah! Puffy Perfection!

Before cooking…









Prep Time: 10 minutes

Activity Time: 15 minutes

Safety Tips:

Ensure that your child is supervised so that the ‘paint’ doesn’t become an appetiser before dinner!

Wash hands thoroughly after finishing the activity

This activity is not suitable for babies or small infants

Day #6 DONE! 94 to go!

Sara x

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