Day #3 ‘Clay Creations’

sara le roux


by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

Something that I had never come across until I started The Creation Station (Penistone & District) is air-dry clay! How weird is that? We had delved into Play-Doh and squidged our way through endless amounts of salt dough but never had our creative hands on this…

It’s awesome!

For me the smell of it is like an instant flashback to my school days and creating all manner of things to be taken away by ‘Miss’ to that strange place called ‘kiln’ where it would be turned into a solid baked piece that I could take home and proudly present to my mother.  Unfortunately, at some point during her house move back in 2003 our treasures were mysteriously ‘lost’ never to be seen again – even though I was 25 years old I was still gutted! After having my own children I now truly hope that Izzy and Boo don’t expect me to still have ALL of their creations out on the mantelpiece long after they have left home!

What You’ll Need

  • Air-Dry Clay – This can be readily bought from any decent art and craft supplies retailer – (The Creation Station, Hobbycraft, The Range, Amazon, etc.)
  • Decorations – Anything that you have lying around in your stash – wiggly eyes, buttons, sequins, craft matchsticks, pipe cleaners, glitter, feathers – anything!
  • Tools – These are completely optional as you can always just use your hands.  We used a children’s rolling pin and cookie cutters that I had picked up years ago from ‘Wilkinsons’ but you could also use patterned rollers like the ones found here or tools like these


Air-dry clay is a fantastic medium to use as you can just do so much with it!

Is your child into dinosaurs? Make your own scary Tyrannosaurous!

Love animals? Make a prickly hedgehog or fluffy cat!

This clay is one of our most popular choices for Birthday Parties and I have seen everything from whales to cats and aliens to teapots! It really is a case of letting your child’s imagination go wild.  If they don’t like what they’ve made you can just roll it back up and start over again – very budget friendly 🙂

On this particular day Boo decided to go with a totally flat creation and then (very carefully!) used the (craft) matchsticks, wiggly eyes and feathers to cover it…


Who said they were JUST for rolling?

Who said they were JUST for rolling?

Looook Mummy! (clay under his nails)

Looook Mummy! (clay under his nails)

Look at the fine motor skills developing there!

Look at the fine motor skills developing there!

Glitter to finish…remember the tray I recommended in ‘Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere?’….hardly any mess!



Ladies and gents, I would like you to meet ‘Sticky’ and ‘Fluffy’……….. 🙂

Sticky & Fluffy

Sticky & Fluffy

We just need to leave these two pieces to dry somewhere ‘safe’ (a.k.a. out of our children’s reach) for a couple of days and then they could even be painted too!

Prep Time:         5 minutes

Activity Time:     20 minutes

Safety Tips:

Ensure that your child doesn’t eat the clay – though I can’t imagine it tastes very nice?

Wash hands thoroughly after finishing the activity

This activity is not suitable for babies or small infants to sit and create with – though you can use air-dry to make really cute footprint and hand print tiles

Day #3 DONE! 97 to go!

Sara x

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