Day #2 ‘Straw-Tastic’ Painting!

sara le roux

by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District


Boo is pretty obsessed with straws (and blowing bubbles) at the moment and insists that he has one with most drinks.  I remembered that when I was little we used to paint with straws and create the most amazing pictures – such a simple activity that gets lovely colourful results!

You Will Need:

  • Paint
  • Paper – we’re using 100% recycled sugar paper
  • Straws
  • A small dish and spoon to mix the paint with a tiny bit of water


So when it comes to paint, the best advice I can give you is to always know (and trust) what you are buying for your little one to use (and probably put in their mouths!).  I tend to stick to ‘Crayola’ for most activities as it is very washable and totally safe – it’s even gluten-free.  If I’m looking for something in bright neon colours I go for ‘Brian Clegg’ ready mixed paint – again it’s washable, but I’d always be careful of possible staining on some of the more delicate fabrics – don’t forget your painting suit/coat 🙂

This activity is so simple!  After I convinced Boo not to suck on the straw (oops purple lips!), I dripped some watered-down paint onto the sugar paper and off he went…..


He was super excited!

I got demands for “more greeeeeen Mummy!” and “Poorple!”


It gave me a great opportunity to talk to him about the colours and we looked at how they were mixing together and creating new colours.  I would certainly like to repeat this activity in a year and see how far he has progressed!


Prep Time:         5 minutes

Activity Time:     As long as you like!  This kept Boo busy for 15 minutes which was perfect just before nap time (and not too messy to tidy up!)

Safety Tips:

Supervise your child to ensure that they are blowing down the straw and not drinking the paint like juice!

Day #2 DONE! 98 to go…. 🙂

Sara x

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