100 Days of Creativity – Bring on the Challenge!



sara le roux


   by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District


The idea for taking part in a 100 Day Challenge came about for a number of reasons.  In my business I see so many different children and am fortunate that I am able to be a part of their learning journey.  They come to my classes for many different reasons – the educational aspects, to improve their child’s social skills and confidence, but the biggest one has to be that they want their children to have lots of fun but really don’t want to get paint, glitter and glue all over their house – who can blame them! I clear up the aftermath of our weekly classes and judging by that we clearly have a blast! 🙂

But it’s not a bad thing! Art and crafts doesn’t always have to be about making lots of mess – HONEST!  Parents just want to be able to encourage their child’s creative ability and in my opinion, creativity is mistaken by many people as the ability to produce fantastic works of art.  There is such a huge emphasis placed on ‘what is it’ that they forget to simply ask ‘which bit do you like the best?’, ‘tell me about it’ or ‘which is your favourite colour?’

To me creativity is about the process of exploration – of trying out new materials, textures and colours and just seeing what happens.  Granted you may wish to have a game plan for what you are hoping to achieve at the end of it but if you don’t quite get there that’s fine too – it doesn’t make you any less creative than the next person.  The key is to really just HAVE A GO!

When I started The Creation Station in my area I had this image in my head of being able to do the school runs, spend lots of time with the kids and still contribute to the family money pot.  So most of the time this does go pretty well BUT lately I’ve been noticing my Mummy ‘spidey sense’ tingling – the balance of work time and family time is slowly creeping in the wrong direction.  My free time with the children is not as focussed – I am distracted by phone calls, emails and thoughts of ‘to do’ lists – an inevitable side effect of running a growing business from home.  It wasn’t until I saw my son speed-navigate my iPhone whilst multi-tasking watching ‘Dora’ successfully find her way out of her latest drama that I realised something really needed to change – FAST!


The word Creativity in colorful 3d letters on a background of whI decided that I would take back 30 minutes of our day, EVERY DAY for 100 days and commit to switching off the tv, turning off my mobile and starting a creative journey with my children.  Together we would undertake to do art and crafts that ANYONE can do with just a teeny bit of preparation – even in the space of time when dinner is in the oven.  We would use materials that can be readily bought – or preferably recycled from within our home – and they had to be budget friendly!

So….I do have a teeny confession to make (sshhh!)…my son really isn’t into the ‘making’ side of art and crafts! I know!! Surely the son of Mrs Creation Station should be able to wield a glitter tube like a pro!! He’s just started pre-school and whilst at every pick-up time the other parents are proudly presented with the latest creation my boy happily skips out clearly having had an intense session with the water tray or the sand pit! But that’s absolutely fine by me….he loves to get right in there and explore with his hands and that’s one of his ways in which he processes the world around him.  So as part of the challenge I also want to try and encourage his creative side a little (and maybe get him to sit still for more than 5 minutes!).  So mixed in with lots of lovely exploration, I am also going to be asking him to ‘make’ certain things so that I can develop his concentration skills and look at how different materials can actually be used to create his favourite things – trains and dinosaurs may feature more than once I fear!

So join us for some creative fun as we start our challenge next week! I’ll be posting our adventures each day – 100 blogs in 100 days – so if you want to join in the challenge yourself, you’ll have all the information you’ll need.  Feel free to comment on posts, show us some bloggy love, and support us whilst we navigate this glittery journey!

Sara x

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