Wall of Love Competition Winner

wall of love winner 2

Isabelle aged 2 1/2, Winner of the Wall of Love competition as she opens her arts and crafts goodies

Our Wall of Love competition saw some brilliant entries and some lovely comments about what you enjoy about creativity. Thank you to everyone who entered. The prize went to the lovely Laura and her daughter Isabelle, who both attend  Little Explorer classes with Creation Station Chatham Maritime. Laura sent us a video of her daughter singing the Creation Station song to her teddy bears and running her own little session in her bedroom, so lovely to see the confidence and creativity that the babies and toddlers take home from the sessions.

>> Click on the image above to see Isabelle’s reaction to her goodies, some of you may recognise  the song and actions.

Here are some further comments that were posted to our wall:

“I love my little girl’s face of excitement and pure joy at exploring new textures and learning how to be creative with colour and shapes.” Debbie McCann

 ” My son Ethan was more interested to start with in wandering around and not paying much interest in what we were doing. Now he loves his ‘art class’ and is at his happiest when painting, gluing and covering everything in sparkly bits! After a class we go home and Daddy comes home for lunch and the first thing my son says is – “show Daddy art class stuff” – his is so proud!” Kirsty Cook

“The school system is often a very stressful environment for children now due to constant testing and targets. Creativity has been pushed back but imagination and the chance to be creative and try new things is what makes children confident and well rounded individuals.” Sophie Jones

wall of love winner

Laura Wright and her daughter Isabelle excited about getting creative at home.

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