14 days of love – Day 12

The Wall of Love at Creative Hub is slowly growing, keep your comments coming in and a winner will be announced on Monday.

wall of love 12

Tree of Love

Help your little one to make their own tree of love.

photo 2

You will need some coloured card or paper, PVA glue, Scissors and a Pen.

Step One

For the tree trunk you are going to use your arm and hand. Place your hand down on a piece of green card and draw around your stretched out fingers. See how tall you can make you tree by drawing around part of your arm as well.

Step Two

To make the top of the tree draw a large heart for the background and then lots of smaller ones on red card to decorate. This is a good exercise for practicing cutting skills but may be a little tricky so help may be needed. If you don’t want to do lots of cutting you can always use paint as an alternative for the hand print and the hearts.

Step Three

Glue down your hand print onto the bottom of your big heart. Then stick on all of your little hearts all over the top of your tree. You can now draw your name carving onto your tree of love and then think of some exciting things that you love to write on all the hearts.

heart 2

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