Creation Station Christmas Countdown – Day 17

Stained Glass Window Make your own stained glass windows using some simple materials. You will need:

  • Black card or paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • pencil

Step 1 Draw your design on black paper. Cut it out and then cut out the inside of the shape to create an outline image. An adult may need to help with this part as it can be complicated. holly      holly2 Step 2 Turn your image onto it’s back and spread glue along the edge on the black paper. Using the collage materials you have gathered, start placing them over the image, aiming to cover all the space inside the picture. It doesn’t matter if it overlaps over the edge as you can cut this off later. holl3  holl4 Step 3 Once you have finished decorating. Turn the window over and cut around the edge to remove the bits over hanging. holl5 Step 4 Mount your stained glass on a window and watch all the magical colours and patterns it throws into the room. holly6 We would love to see your fantastic stained glass windows so please send pictures to

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