Creation Station Christmas Countdown Day 4 – Free letters from Santa

xmas letters

Free Letters from Santa from the Creation Station.

You may not realise but as Santa’s all year round official helpers, we love to spread inspiration throughout the whole year, with a bit of extra sparkle and magic at Christmas of course.

I used to help him write Christmas story letters for my sons Sam, Ollie and Josh. Each one had a different personalised story and Duncan and I would push them up the chimney with just a corner showing or leave them behind a tree. The boys would accidentally find them and we would read these very special stories to them at bedtime. They really loved these  (in fact just writing this brings back so many lovely memories) So I’ve popped them here for you to download.
Download  your Free Letters from Santa here >> Santa

I hope you have as much fun with these as we’ve had.

Please do let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards

Sarah & the Creative Crew across the UK 

AKA Santa’s Secret helpers

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The Creation Station creative vouchers. These can be used in any of the 500+ centres across the UK, for classes, or you can use it towards a birthday party of products from our store. I hope you find this inspiring.

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