Join us to raise money for the Save the Children appeal in Syria

Come and join The Creation Station for some special ‘Sing-Along for Syria’ art and crafts classes for children aged 6 months to 5 years to raise awareness and funds to help the frightened, homeless, refugee children from Syria.


Join us for some creative fun in sessions across the country

We have teamed up with a host of TV stars to have a ‘Sing Along For Syria’ in our award winning and educational art & crafts classes. “It’s been heart breaking to see the the children and families struggling,” said Sarah Cressall, Managing Director of The Creation Station. “We really wanted to do something to help so we have incorporated the Sing-Along songs into our sessions to help raise awareness of this fantastic project.”

Our classes will feature a group sing-along with fun songs recorded by a range of popular children’s TV presenters recorded especially for the fund raising album. Sessions will run between the 12th and 30th October. Find more information about your local Creation Station sessions visit

You can download the album by visiting and every penny raised from purchases of the album, will go directly to the Save the Children’s Child Refugee Crisis Appeal.


Download the album at

The Sing-Along for Syria album was born from the imagination of the Preston-based entertainer known better to his young audience as Mr Yipadee, ……………………. and a galaxy of stars from the world of TV who have all donated their time and talents in the recording studio at Salford’s Media City to lend their voices to the compilation of children’s songs. “As a parent, I couldn’t just sit by and watch what is happening,” commented Mr Yipadee. “We wouldn’t allow this to happen to our children, why would we sit by and watch while the Syrian children suffer?” All money raised from purchases of the album, will go directly to the Save the Children’s Child Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Stars singing on the album include: Tina O’Brien, as seen on Coronation Street,  Cerrie Burnell as seen on CBeebies, Andy Day as seen on Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Rebecca Keatley as seen on Let’s Play, Kate Thistleton as seen on CBBC, Alex Winters as seen on CBeebies, Katy Ashworth as seen on I Can Cook, Cat Sandion as seen on CBeebies and Hi¬5, Luke Roberts as seen on CITV, Craig Smith of number one selling hit Wonky Donkey, Derek Moran and Jen Pringle, both seen on Channel 5’s Milkshake, Sid Sloane, as seen on Let’s Play, Emma Nowell, from CITV’s Hi¬5 and Cartoonito, and Dean O’Brien, Mr Yipadee.

“Everybody has been heartbroken by what’s happening and particularly as a parent, it’s unimaginable to think what’s happening to those children,” said CBeebies presenter, Alex Winters. “I hope that this album spreads joy and laughter for kids here in the UK, and spreads resources, hope, and love to the refugees.”

To find out more about your local ‘Sing-Along For Syria’ Creation Station classes visit

Inspire your toddler with LEGO® DUPLO® and The Creation Station

We have been having some great fun this week exploring LEGO®DUPLO® in our sessions. If you haven’t had chance to pop along to a session there is still time to check with your local Creation Station for availability. (Find your local Creation Station here).

LEGO®DUPLO® is a fantastic product for developing creativity and imagination with your child. Why not download these themed activity sheets and see if your child can create a story around the characters.

man duplo                        lady duplo

Download Lego Duplo Activity Sheet Man                      Lego Duplo Activity Sheet Lady

chick duplo      cat duplo

Lego Duplo Activity Sheet Chicken                  Lego Duplo Activity Sheet Cat

ice cream duplo

Lego Duplo Activity Sheet Ice Cream

duplo comp for facebookTime to win

Want to build your own LEGO®DUPLO® collection? Enter our fab competition for a chance to win a lovely hamper full of products. The contents may vary from the image below but will be to the value of £50.

>> Enter here

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Win a LEGO® DUPLO® Hamper with The Creation Station

DUPLO logo 2014

The Creation Station have partnered with LEGO® DUPLO® to offer fantastic exclusive creative sessions

Have you heard our fantastic news?

We have teamed up with LEGO® DUPLO® to run exclusive creative sessions and a fab competition. There will be four fantastic DUPLO hampers up for grabs worth over £50 each. One lucky winner will be announced each week on 28th September, 5th, 12th and 19th October. Pop over to The Creation Station Ltd Facebook page to find out who wins.

LEGO® DUPLO® toys stimulate creativity, encourage role play and conversation, and help towards developing motor skills in pre-school boys and girls aged 18 months to five years.  They are colourful, safe and sturdy and designed for small hands and big imaginations. With LEGO® DUPLO® little ones are guaranteed to have hours of fun, building and creating stories, whilst learning all the way. We are so excited to be running this competition.

At The Creation Station we are all about imagination and creativity. Our sessions allow children to explore, discover and develop through exploring a range of creative materials which this term will include LEGO® DUPLO®. (For more details of our creative LEGO® DUPLO® sessions click here)

duplo comp for facebook

Win a LEGO DUPLO Hamper *contents may vary

How to enter:

You can enter The Creation Station LEGO® DUPLO® competition by sharing photos of your LEGO® DUPLO® inspired creations on social media with the hashtag #DUPLOcreation. 

These can be DUPLO® models or even craft activities inspired by LEGO® DUPLO®.

You can also enter the competition by clicking on this link.

Winners will be announced on Monday 28th September, 5th, 12th, and 19th October 2015 on Facebook.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • The prize is suitable for aged 18 months – 5 years.
  • The prize is as stipulated and there is not an available alternative.
  • There is no limit to the amount of photos you can share to enter the competition.
  • Further terms and conditions

Want to enter the competition? Share your DUPLO® inspired photo here.

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Have you heard our big news?

lego pic for blogWe are excited to announce the Creation Station are partnering with LEGO® DUPLO® to offer a creative activity to run exclusively in our classes. We are so excited about this.

In the sessions your child will have the chance to explore DUPLO® products and create their own LEGO® DUPLO® themed creations to take home. Each session will be packed full of fun themed activities and ideas to continue the journey of learning, inspiring imaginations and nurturing each child’s creativity.

The LEGO® DUPLO® sessions will run between 28th September – 11th October, contact your local Creation Station for further details.

>> Find your local Creation Station session and join in with our DUPLO fun with your toddler.

>> Can’t wait for the sessions? Download your LEGO DUPLO Activity Sheet and start the fun today.

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Go back to school in style

Here are some fun ideas to make your own funky creations to personalise your stationary and pencil cases or bags.

To make your pencil toppers you will need:

Have a go at making some of your own fab pencil topper pals. What different characters can you create?

Pencil Pals

We would love to see photos of your creations, please share them on our Facebook page or email

Did you love making your pencil toppers why not have a go at some designer key rings.

You will need:


You can find all the products you need to make these fab creations on

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Is your child starting school this year?

back to school

Here are some top tips to help ease the transition for you and your child.

Before they start school…

  • Ask them what questions they have about school.
  • Let them know what to expect from the first few days.
  • Encourage them to talk to other children and to take all concerns to a grown up, they shouldn’t be worried about speaking up about anything no matter how small.
  • Teach them to recognise their own name, they may not be able to read or write but they will need to recognise their name to find their coat peg, tray etc. Write their name out and type it out, then stick those up for them to see so they can still recognise it in different styles. Ask them to find their name amongst lots of other words. Make it fun and turn it into a game.
  • In the build up for the first week try to practice the routine with bed times and mornings. Try doing a couple of sit down activities at the table to start to get them used to sitting in a classroom. This could be reading a book together or doing some drawings.

On the day…

  • Stay only as long is necessary, once they feel comfortable it is time to go. The quicker you leave the easier it will be for them to settle down and understand the environment without you.
  • Try not to cry in front of your child as this could upset and confuse them, especially as you’ve been telling them how great big school is and that they will love it! If needed, say goodbye and go and have a good cry outside with a friend!
  • Say hello to the other parents and arrange a meet up, you could maybe go for a coffee straight away. All the other parents are in the same boat as you and also feeling a little unsure, they will be looking to make friendships too. It’s just as important to build solid relationships with the other parents as it is for the kids to become friends, after all, you will probably be around each other for many years if the class moves through the school together.

Going forward…

  • Ask your child every day what they did at school, encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings and retell what they have learnt, this helps them to process information and embed it in their mind.
  • Keep some of the best drawings and photos of the projects your child completes, in a “My First Year of School” scrapbook, which both you and your child could write in together. They can add more of their own writing and drawing as their ability develops, which in itself will be a fantastic record of achievement! Be sure to add the photo of them on their first day and finish off with another on their last day. They will have grown so much and it will be a lovely memory keepsake of this very special time in their life!

We would love to hear all about your child’s first day. Share your stories on our Facebook page.

6 Creation Station Top Tips To Avoid The ‘Holiday Car Journey Nightmare’ With The Family

family in a car with logoAfter years of travelling with our three boys on exciting trips and holidays… I feel quite an expert on travelling with them being squashed in the back of the car and traffic jams and, I will admit, reverting to ‘If you don’t stop arguing we will cancel the holiday and go home’. So here are 5 tips that have helped my family and I stay almost sane on the journey.

‘Who Am I?’ – The Sticky Note Game
  1. On a sticky note write the name of a person or character that everyone else will know i.e.; The queen, a famous singer, a TV character etc.,
  2. Give the sticky note to one person to pop it on their forehead without them seeing the writing.
  3. They have to ask 20 questions to guess who they are.

Instead of writing a person you could have a picture of “A food item” or “An activity we will do on holiday’.

Create Your Own Car Bingo
  1. Think of 12 things you might see on your journey. It could be traffic cones, 50 miles speed limit, yellow car, birds, etc.
  2. Draw a table on a piece of paper and draw or write these items in each square to create a bingo card.
  3. Give each child a copy of the bingo card and see who can spot these items on the journey and get the first line filled in, and who will get a full house?

Top Tip – you could involve the children in preparing the cards before you go so they are already thinking about the game and looking forward to the activity in the car. Activity Sheets are available to download. 

Creative Car Registration Story
  1. Using the last 3 letters of a car registration plate that you see, each person has to think of three words that ‘almost makes sense’ i.e; RNE – really naughty elephant.
  2. Then the next person has to try to do the same with another car registration and to make a story i.e. WTP – Went to The Pizza shop.
  3. You can decided the rules of how many additional words you can add in, but it can create really funny and weird stories!
Super Story Starters
  1. Have a bag of words or pictures. These can be created before the journey as an activity for the children i.e; on approx. 50 different pieces of card draw or stick a picture of places, food, characters etc.
  2. Pop all the pieces in a bag and pass the bag round to allow each child to take one out of the bag and to create a story around the theme.
  3. Pass the bag to the next child and ask them to add to the story with the picture they selected.

Activity Sheets are available to download. 

In my suitcase I packed…
  1. Someone starts with the phrase “In my suitcase I packed…” and then the next person has to repeat what they said and add another item in.
  2. The game continues with every person having to remember what the previous person said and adding an extra item. For example – In my suitcase I packed a towel, a hair brush, a cuddly toy etc.
Points mean prizes

mini trphieWhen having these games it helps to have some prizes. It could be an ice-cream voucher, or first choice of the bed in your accommodation, or just a special treat that you know your child will love. This will help with the excitement and boredom in the car and help make a enjoyable journey for everyone.

We hope you find this helpful, have a fantastic trip.


Activity templates are available to download for free from Activity Downloads.

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